1) Learn about the issue

Media attention on bullying and cyberbullying is increasing rapidly. The more informed and better educated you are, the more effective you can be in impacting the problem. Attend a workshop with Positive Young Teens, share your experiences with other, empower and uplift others, etc.

2) Walk the talk

Children learn many social cues from adults, parents/caregivers, and their peers. By modeling empathy, tolerance and respect in your actions and communication, you impart these values, and influence the attitudes and behaviors of your children.

3) Talk with your children

Often, if children are involved in bullying as either targets or aggressors, they are reluctant to talk about it. Ask your children about their social experience at school, especially if they seem withdrawn or are exhibiting unusual changes in their mood or behavior

4) Monitor your child online

Cyberbullying is the fastest growing type of peer-on-peer mistreatment today. It is important for parents to be able to monitor their children’s use of Facebook, MySpace and other social media sites, both at home and on mobile devices.

5) Understand your school’s policies

Rules, procedures and policies regarding bullying vary greatly from district to district. Many states have enacted anti-bullying legislation, but implementation at the school site may be lacking. Speak with school officials and your school board about what policies they have in place and what programs they have implemented to address bullying and cyberbullying.

6) Identify and build alliances in your community

Local service clubs, PTA’s, local government and businesses can be a source of support and funding for bullying and cyberbullying prevention programs like Safe School Ambassadors. Working with the various stakeholders in your community is an effective way to build a coalition and create safer school climates.

7) Advocate for safer schools

Write a letter to the editor of your local paper, attend or join your local PTA or school board, or start a community group dedicated to addressing bullying and cyberbullying at your local schools.