10 Reasons To Go On A Mission Trip

Not everyone can pack up all their belongings and become career missionaries, but many of us can go on short-term mission trips. If you’ve never tried it, I encourage you to consider these benefits of taking the compassion of Jesus to another culture.  You will be impacted in many ways.  Here is my top 10:

10. You get to experience another culture. We all tend to be ethnocentric and shrink the world to revolve around us, while ignoring the varied cultures and nations that the Lord has created.

9. You get opportunities to make friends with people from different ethnic and social backgrounds than in your hometown, and God has made each of them fearfully and wonderfully.

8. You will come away with a new appreciation for what the Lord has given you. Like being able to worship the Lord in air conditioning or the fact that your refrigerator is filled with food.

7. You will develop intimate relationships with your teammates from New Life. There is just something sweet about painting a door together, sharing the gospel together, and experiencing culture together that brings a depth when you return and see them every Sunday.

6. You will return with new ideas of how to reach out to our community, serving the needs and sharing the gospel. And with fresh motivation to do it!

5. You get to help partner with key ministries that might not happen without the additional laborers. The church in Mexico simply does not have the resources or man power to host the 100+ children that want to come to VBS, and New City in St. Louis can reach 100 more people with the additional help we bring.

4. You get to encourage missionaries and ministry leaders in these other areas.  They are encouraged just by you showing up!

3. You get to see the kingdom grow.  Just like you notice how much taller your nephew is when you haven’t see him in a while, you will notice the growth in these churches.  We see new faces each time we visit and even more humbling, hear how we were apart of that new life in Christ joining the church.

2. It will awaken a passion and a vision to see every tribe, tongue and nation worship the one true God and ascribe to him the glory due his great name!

1. You will know and experience the heart of God. Our God is a missionary God, sending his son, Jesus, to seek and save the lost, and when we follow suit we experience the depth of the gospel in a new way.

Are you interested in learning more about mission trips?  Please send an email to positiveyoungteens@gmail to learn upcoming upcoming mission trips.