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Positive Young Teens is a non profit 501c3 organization based in Metro Atlanta, GA. Our target population is young people in middle and high school who seek to sharpen their skills, become extraordinary role models and contributing young adults.

At PYT leadership is a way of life. Through innovative opportunities and experiences, we provide enrichment and empowerment in the areas of teamwork, leadership, character development and community service.

Our curriculum is rich, diverse and non traditional. Interactive workshops, overnight retreats and wilderness experiences are just a few of the opportunities that allows for hands on learning, creative engagement and ongoing skill development.

Areas of Focus

Academic Excellence

In a competitive society its critical to remain on the cutting edge. Our BrainCamp, college fair and annual trip to NASA are some of the events you can expect.

Character Development

We want teens to feel worthy, valued and have the courage to try new things. At Positive Young Teens we’re changing lives. One teen at a time.

Community Service

Volunteerism enables students to acquire life skills and provide a service to those who need it most. Members also earn service hours and build their resume.

Leadership Academy

Our leadership development model offers practical, hands-on experience that allows our members to develop into strong role models and civic leaders.

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My daughter is an only child and has always been extremely shy. After joining Positive Young Teens I was shocked how quickly she began to change. Almost immediately, she began expressing herself and appeared more confident and self assured. The workshops, retreats and volunteer opportunities is helping her mature into a confident young lady. We love this organization. Thanks PYT! Crystal C.

My daughter has been a part of Positive Young Teens for three years. The mentoring, leadership conferences and events has helped her academically and socially. Shes also making new friends, has gotten involved in extra curricular activities and is no longer afraid to try new things. Shes so active I can’t keep up. PYT is just what she needed. Yolanda B.

My son and daughter are members of Positive Young Teens and they love it. The volunteer opportunities, conferences and overnight retreats are just a few of the things we enjoy. My husband and I are very selective about the organizations we join but PYT gets two thumbs up from us. Awesome program and a great staff that genuinely cares about our youth. Rochelle M.


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